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[ˈirə, ˈerə] NOUN – a long and distinct period of history with a particular feature or characteristic.

We live in a very unique time, 2020 was a very pivotal year. We will never go back to the way things were before 2020, and things will be different in future years. It doesn’t matter what you believe, what you support, or how you view things, the fact is, our lives are changing, and it’s happening rapidly. Let’s take a several steps away and take a very broad look at where we are at right now.

Moving from one era to another is a gradual process, it’s not like turning on a switch and things are different, changing from one era to another happens over time. There may be a defining moment, or moments in time which signify a change, overall transitioning between era’s are a long gradual process. What does it look like to transition between two era’s? Are we at one of those moments? Are we moving between two different era’s? Let’s take a look where we are right now.

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, what you support, or how you view things, the fact is, our lives are changing, and its happening rapidly.”

What does it look like to transition between two era’s? The best way is to look back in history, take a look at things that have changed our world. Take a look at how the automobile has changed things, look at how cell phones have changed things, look at how the internet has changed things. Just take a look back in history of different things and how they have changed the world. These things individually may not be a new era, however they are clear indicators or defining moments pointing to the changing of one era to another.

Are we at one of those moments? In our lives, we live day to day without things changing very much, yeah, we have those times when our lives get disheveled with changes, unexpected things happening, etc., however, for the most part our lives and the world around us are mostly unchanged. Yes, the world is always changing and our lives have normal change, so how do we know if we are at one of these era changing times? I think there are a few things we can look at, it’s easier for those who are older because we have more life experience being able to evaluate our current environment.

I see three main indicators that can signal we are at one of those moments in time.

  • As we get to the middle of the transition things accelerate, major changes in the world, whatever they are, happen faster.
  • As we look back at recent history in our lives, we can see what was the recent past is not going to be the same in the future, remember we are taking a big picture look at our lives.
  • We see, very clearly, a defining moment or moments happening in the world and in our lives.

Are we moving between two different era’s? At this point in this article you may have already answered this question for yourself. It is a question we each need to answer for ourselves, and over a long period of time we will be able to look back and see. In my opinion looking back over the last 20 years to now and seeing what is happening in this world today, I think we are in the middle, between two era’s. I don’t know exactly where we are at, to me it clearly looks like we are somewhere in the middle.

“I think we are in the middle, between two era’s.”

Most people don’t like change, especially major change it creates stress, so when we encounter our own individual challenges, life around us is the same so it makes it easier for us to resume our normal lives and work thru our stress. When we are going thru a transition between era’s, the world around us is changing and is causing change in our individual lives in addition to the “normal unexpected changes” happening in our lives, all of this creates a huge amount of uncertainty and a very high level of stress. One of the things that fosters this high level of stress is the fact that our world around us is changing, the one thing that helped us work thru our stress in the past, is now adding to our stress.

How do we navigate stressful times?

I personally have been thru a lot of stressful times, some of those lasting years. There are things that I have learned over the years, below are a list of things I do in my life.

  • I believe in The God of the Bible, the One Living Triune God – Father, Son (Jesus Christ), & Holy Spirit. People will say “It’s good you have your faith to help you…” It is more then just faith, faith by itself is behavioral, if I tell myself something over and over it can become my faith. I’m not talking about that type of self induced faith. I serve The Almighty Creator the only God that can heal & change my heart, no other can do that. Since I’ve asked Jesus Christ into my heart and I have a personal relationship with him, I know that I will inherit eternal life in heaven with The Almighty God. There is where my faith and hope are anchored.
  • Faith & Hope vs. Reality – My faith and hope lie in God, that doesn’t mean I won’t face adversity and many other things, it also doesn’t mean that my life will be easy and stress free. So how do I reconcile them? The simple answer is I follow God, his Word, while I live in reality. Faith and hope help get me thru the difficult time, while I look at reality and deal with that in a practical manner, applying God’s Word to my life is what I use to navigate. This is a very complex concept which can’t be fully explained here. It is the governing way I navigate my life, and it applies to the sections below.
  • Prepare the best you can. – When you see something coming, be real and prepare the best you can. Sometimes we can see a crisis coming and sometimes its unforeseen, so we deal with what we can at the time. Some things we can be better prepared for well in advance, others not so much.
  • Connect and have relationships with those around you. – I’m not talking about social media, I’m talking about real human beings, interacting face to face. This is important because we are created to be social and interact with one another, and we have to know one another. This is very important. Some of us are better prepared in certain areas of our lives more than others, having face to face relationships we can help one another, share burdens, encourage one another, actually physically help each other.
  • A crisis opens up new opportunities, look for them. – When situations change so do our opportunities, learn to look for them, and keep looking, they are there, don’t give up.
  • Navigate your current situation as best you can. – If you don’t navigate you will be a ship adrift in a storm with no control. Navigating gives us some control, we may not be able to go where we had planned, but at this point we are navigating a storm, working our way thru it. This is where God’s Word and practical application in your life helps stabilize and directs you. Do the best you can, some decisions will be better than others, learn as quickly as you can along the way. Learning to navigate life’s challenges is a learning by doing process.
  • You are stronger and more resilient than you know. Most of us don’t think we can do that, or its too hard, or I’ll be scarred for life, how can I recover, etc. You will be surprised at how strong & resilient you are to get thru very difficult times. If you give up you will never know, never give up. This brings me back to my first point, my personal relationship with Jesus Christ whom I follow. You see the Bible has many examples of how to do these things, the best instruction manual available, given to us, God’s Word.

I hope this benefits you.

I would like to hear your thoughts… How do you see things? What is your perspective? Are we in the middle of two eras?

Please post your comments below…

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